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Monthly Archives: April 2012

An interesting talking point on the news today is Ann Romney’s quote,

“my career choice was to be a mother…” .

Can we just call it a lifestyle? I’m sure there are demands that must be met to require something to  be considered a career. Although I am without the complete understanding of motherhood, the time I have spent with children proved to be very imformative at how gross they can be. I would not choose a career that requires contact with very gross things ( she has boys to boot) and no paid vacations (you still work on vacations with kids, believe me).

There was also some comments that women are concerned than men about economics.

Women have a reason to be concerned, being considered a marginalized group. Taking it to a new level, there is even more concern and pressure with women who are recent college graduates, part of a minority ethnic group, and living with or supporting dependents.  Sometimes those factors can lead to financial assistance from governmental aid. Policies that are in place to allow everyone the  best possible chance for success.