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One of my favorite presents from this past Christmas is  a Planet Earth DVD set!


The person I received it from understood my love for great documentaries, spanning from  “Wild Discovery”, “Blue Planet”, and the more recent “Wild Russia”.


Documentaries have become to me one of the most important media for personal furthering education.  They remind us of, basically, the world and what exists outside of our cities and states.


What I find so compelling about this series is the amount of content they cover and the amount of effort put in to capture it.  My personal favorite episode is ‘pole to pole’  which is a great example of a general but visually appealing introduction to the earth and how they will present other episodes.


I tend to imagine myself in the future, if my memory starts to fail me, watching this series again to learn more if not remember what nature ‘was’ like.  In the present, the sights and sounds only drive me to visit these places myself.


What I love about my set :


– The front case is covered with elephants!

– The narrator David Attenborough, who’s voice only enhances my watching experience. Also, he is featured on this version of the series while Sigourney Weaver narrates the television broadcast version. Both do spectacular work but I will always default to  a british accent.

– And Planet Earth – The Future –  This 150-minute companion series looks at what the future may hold for endangered animals, habitats and – ultimately – ourselves.

I am planning to save this one for a  great rainy afternoon. 



Planet Earth 

as you’ve never seen it before 




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