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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Nerdacon is a free sci-fi, anime, comic book, video game, happy nerdy time convention held by the Campus Nerds a student organization at Columbus State University. The convention has gained a large following for this year, due to the hard work of all the members promoting all over the south at other conventions and the hard work of its supporters.

I have attended all the Nerdacons since its creation and this year was my first time as a vendor. I am primarily a Japan/Asian culture enthusiast with a focus on fashion so my table had mostly hair accessories, crafts, and things I had brought back with me from Japan. I sold a good amount for my first time, and even better, made some new friends! I am definitely going to be a vendor next year with some surprises for the entire convention as well.

The convention itself was handled very well. Staff members were always present (if not for the safety of the attendees, then to help the vendors) and there was always something going on like panels and tournaments.

The best part about Nerdacon is the people, especially because it is run by students and it takes a lot of planning and financial support to run something like this in a town like Columbus (if you know, then you know).

For more information, visit and support your fellow nerds!