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An interesting talking point on the news today is Ann Romney’s quote,

“my career choice was to be a mother…” .

Can we just call it a lifestyle? I’m sure there are demands that must be met to require something to  be considered a career. Although I am without the complete understanding of motherhood, the time I have spent with children proved to be very imformative at how gross they can be. I would not choose a career that requires contact with very gross things ( she has boys to boot) and no paid vacations (you still work on vacations with kids, believe me).

There was also some comments that women are concerned than men about economics.

Women have a reason to be concerned, being considered a marginalized group. Taking it to a new level, there is even more concern and pressure with women who are recent college graduates, part of a minority ethnic group, and living with or supporting dependents.  Sometimes those factors can lead to financial assistance from governmental aid. Policies that are in place to allow everyone the  best possible chance for success.


One of my favorite self help reality shows is ‘Tabatha  Takes Over’ the continuation of the earlier ‘Tabatha’s Salon Takeover’.  What I am guessing is that with her exceptional experience in the salon industry, the producers of the show felt that she would function just as well in any business environment especially because she sticks to the fundamentals of a effective business environment.

On every episode Tabatha sets realistic expectations for the business in question, the most impotant being customer service  (my bread and butter). I owe much of my success in customer service to Tabatha’s methods especially to managing a team.

Being firm with friends in the workplace is especially difficult as you grow to be more than just co workers with some members of the staff. The important thing is to make sure that the employee (and the manager) have a clear understanding of what is expected of each person. The staff has to respect and work hard just as much as the staff expects the manager to lead. I look forward to future episodes (a yogurt shop? really?) and how Tabatha turns any business around.

‘Tabatha Takes Over’ is  on Bravo.

Walking on campus recently I stopped by the Kiryu Garden.

I was so happy to see some bushes start to bloom!

Entrance to the garden in bloom!

If only in spirit I still feel a connection to our sister city through the garden, and hope to revisit very soon.


Springtime in Columbus is so vibrant and wonderful.  Most noticeable are the blooms of cherry blossom trees, azelia bushes and green leafy trees beaming from the sun’s rays.

Around the neighborhood

The weather was perfect for last week’s bi-city dam breach. Many people from the nearby colleges, businesses, and community enjoyed the mid day break with live music and enjoying the downtown area.

View from the Columbus side

One of my favorite presents from this past Christmas is  a Planet Earth DVD set!


The person I received it from understood my love for great documentaries, spanning from  “Wild Discovery”, “Blue Planet”, and the more recent “Wild Russia”.


Documentaries have become to me one of the most important media for personal furthering education.  They remind us of, basically, the world and what exists outside of our cities and states.


What I find so compelling about this series is the amount of content they cover and the amount of effort put in to capture it.  My personal favorite episode is ‘pole to pole’  which is a great example of a general but visually appealing introduction to the earth and how they will present other episodes.


I tend to imagine myself in the future, if my memory starts to fail me, watching this series again to learn more if not remember what nature ‘was’ like.  In the present, the sights and sounds only drive me to visit these places myself.


What I love about my set :


– The front case is covered with elephants!

– The narrator David Attenborough, who’s voice only enhances my watching experience. Also, he is featured on this version of the series while Sigourney Weaver narrates the television broadcast version. Both do spectacular work but I will always default to  a british accent.

– And Planet Earth – The Future –  This 150-minute companion series looks at what the future may hold for endangered animals, habitats and – ultimately – ourselves.

I am planning to save this one for a  great rainy afternoon. 



Planet Earth 

as you’ve never seen it before 



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Nerdacon is a free sci-fi, anime, comic book, video game, happy nerdy time convention held by the Campus Nerds a student organization at Columbus State University. The convention has gained a large following for this year, due to the hard work of all the members promoting all over the south at other conventions and the hard work of its supporters.

I have attended all the Nerdacons since its creation and this year was my first time as a vendor. I am primarily a Japan/Asian culture enthusiast with a focus on fashion so my table had mostly hair accessories, crafts, and things I had brought back with me from Japan. I sold a good amount for my first time, and even better, made some new friends! I am definitely going to be a vendor next year with some surprises for the entire convention as well.

The convention itself was handled very well. Staff members were always present (if not for the safety of the attendees, then to help the vendors) and there was always something going on like panels and tournaments.

The best part about Nerdacon is the people, especially because it is run by students and it takes a lot of planning and financial support to run something like this in a town like Columbus (if you know, then you know).

For more information, visit and support your fellow nerds!

Today students, faculty, staff and members of the CSU community came together for Day of Service to the Highland community of Columbus, GA. The day was spent installing new floors, putting up new fences, creating a space for a playground, landscaping and many other tasks that benefited the center and the local residents.


First things first, clearing space for new flooring.


Meanwhile, a swing set gets a new coat of paint.


Beautiful floors for babies to enjoy!


Sorority sisters taking a well deserved break, Delta Sigma Theta and Xi Theta.